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Holiday Ideas

 Creative Green Gift Wrapping
This holiday season make your gift giving all about giving green. Don't stop at the gift itself but make the wrapping green too. You can spend a ton of money on gift wrapping, often times adding substantially to the gift price. Why not try some of these gift wrapping ideas to ease your budget and be more earth friendly.

Family New Year's Eve
This year, I am beginning a New Year's resolution for our entire family. We have small children and often don't really celebrate this holiday. Long past are the days of going out to dinner or festivities on this eve, in place we have stayed home with our children, celebrated early and sometimes even gone to bed early! I've come up with a new idea that will help us celebrate together, at home. It's fun, doesn't cost a thing, and I think this is one we will keep for years to come.

Reclaim the Holidays
The holidays are hectic. Everyone's schedule seems to get filled and the pressure to make lasting impressions can cause one to fret. The holidays should be about sharing, spending time together and enjoying each other's company. To do this, you don't need to buy an expensive gift or have everything just so to make a lasting impression. Take a deep breath and consider making a few changes this holiday season to ease the pressure and make it more enjoyable for everyone, including you

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