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Fun Ways To Spend Time Together As A Family

In a world of ever-evolving technology, it can often feel as if human contact is second-best. You might not spend as much quality time with your family as you’d like because everybody is busy on their phone or their laptop. Or maybe everybody is simply tired when they get home from work and school (yourself included). Still, it’s important to spend some time together as a family. You need to be involved in each other’s lives to support one another and remain close. Here are some fun activities that you could do as a family this weekend.


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Have a family Netflix night.

Technology doesn’t have to be the enemy. You don’t need to ban your kids from using Netflix or social media just to get them to spend time with you (otherwise, you won’t be very popular in your household). You just need to find a way to use technology to bring you all together, and a family Netflix night could be the perfect answer. You could all agree on some films or TV shows that you want to watch together and add them to your List on the family account. Then you could all spend one night every week (or more if the kids are up for it) watching some things together as a family. The kids don’t need to isolate themselves in their rooms all the time. You should watch shows and films together.


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Play some games together.

Maybe you could think of some games to play together as a family this weekend. A classic paper-based game such as Hangman can be a lot of fun. Alternatively, you might want to check out some online party games and quizzes if technology is the thing you need to capture the attention of your kids. You could try this fun adventure game that we’ve talked about before. You could even get out a classic board game such as Monopoly or Twister if your children don’t protest at that idea. Playing some games together is a great way to spend time together as a family because it’s a fun activity and an opportunity to bond. If you want to get a little more adventurous than board games then you could even try an escape room in your local city. Solving puzzles as a family will teach you to work as a team, but it’s also a fun way to spend an hour of your day. You should really play some games together if you want to have fun with your family.


Bury a time capsule.

Creating a time capsule is another fun thing you could do as a family. You should tell every member of the family to choose something important from their lives and put it in the time capsule. Once you’ve all added something, you can bury that box in your back garden (or the garage if you’d rather not have to dig it up again). Ten or twenty years from now, you can uncover that box and reminisce about all the treasured possessions in there. It could be a great activity for the family as it’ll bring you closer together.

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