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Free Business Cards and Holiday Cards

While Vistaprint is a great site for business, you can also benefit from their services for home use. 

I have used Vistaprint for years to print a personalized family business card. We carry a few with us and give them out whenever we meet new friends and need to share contact information. These are great for the kids to carry with them in case of an emergency. When a new friend comes over for a play date, we hand the parent our card so they can contact us if needed. It is just a great piece of mind to have knowing it is printed well and easy to read. 

Another opportunity I have used Vistaprint for is to print out Holiday Cards. Similar to going to a photo store and ordering your holiday prints, do it online and often for free or at least definitely less money than others places. I typically order a postcard. We use a photo collage on the front and a printed update on the back. It is less postage to send a postcard than it is to send an envelope and I have been using this idea for a few years now to be a bit more frugal.

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