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Effective Home Decor Tips For A Tight Budget

Like a lot of our readers, you might have a blossoming love for home décor, and what’s not to love? There are few things quite as satisfying as undertaking a big décor project, polishing it off, and then walking past your handiwork day after day. The only real drawback is that when you’re constantly making changes to your house, it can get pretty expensive pretty quickly! To help you get around this problem, here are a few ways to decorate effectively on a budget.


Purge Anything Unsightly


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Take a break from worrying about all the things you can’t afford, and instead, start focussing on the things you can afford to get rid of. Old, worn out, or otherwise unsightly items can all poison the surrounding décor of your home, and drag down all your efforts to create a more comfortable and attractive space. Gather anything that isn’t essential, and if it’s doing your décor a disservice, find some way to get rid of it. One of the most common offenders in apartments is tacky vertical blinds, for instance. While most things that tend to end up in the “purge pile” are going to have to be thrown away or donated, you may be able to sell some of the others on Gumtree or a similar platform.


Get Alerts for Sales and Sweepstakes

Like many who have a passion for home décor, you may find yourself dead-set on a lot of things that are simply outside of your price range. One way to approach this is simply trying to be patient, and saving up for whatever item it is. Alternatively, you can look for the item on Gumtree or another pre-owned selling site. Failing this, you may want to set up some alerts for sales on whatever item you want in your home. Certain sites, such as SlickDeals, allow you to set up email alerts for sales on specific brands or even items. By setting up enough alerts, and remembering to check them often enough, you could gain access to an incredible range of bargains. There are also a number of sweepstakes it can be worth entering. Here’s a page covering everything there is to know about the HGTV sweepstakes series. Getting the most from this tip is partially down to luck, but you have to be in it to win it!


Customize What You Have


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Custom, designer curtains or fresh upholstery on your sofa may be a wonderful idea, but they’re not for people who are looking to redecorate on a tight budget. As an alternative, it’s a good idea to try customizing the things that you already have. For example, if you have some boring, white curtain panels in your home that are making the whole place feel a little drab and basic, add some iron trim to them to breathe life back into the place. Other simple tricks include painting a gold trim on some black wooden furniture or wallpapering the interior of a bookcase. There are all kinds of ways to customize existing décor; start experimenting!

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