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Creative Ways To Bring Your Local Community Together

It can feel like human beings are an insular and antisocial species. Especially with the technological advances of recent years. Our addiction to smartphones and tablets has us perpetually looking down as we walk down the street and we can often eschew the communal gathering in restaurants, cafes, parks, churches and other communal areas for a day with the curtains drawn and Netflix on the TV in perpetuity. Never before has the digital world offered us so much content at so low a price and as such, even the most sociable and cheerful of us can become an introverted screen junkie.


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For the creatively inclined, this can be stifling. Great art is rarely made in a vacuum and while periods of contemplation and solitude are an important part of the creative process, engagement with the world outside our front door is extremely important if we’re to be better and well-rounded individuals and creatives. Thus, here are some fun, edifying and creatively stimulating ways in which you can engage with your local community, whether you want to get to know your next-door neighbors or get the whole town involved.


Prayer groups

The Centacle Sisters use Catholic community services as a cornerstone of their operations, and if you’re a person of faith, and believe that your community can be brought together by communal prayer, you may benefit from forming a prayer group within your neighborhood. This can be a great way to engage with people of different churches and promote healthy theological debate and discussion within and outside of your own faith. Get creative by printing posters and flyers for distribution around your neighborhood or display in church.


Coffee Mornings

Who doesn’t love to start their day with good coffee, good conversation and maybe even some delicious home baking? Creatives with a flair for the culinary will find this particularly edifying and it’s a great way to come together to address local issues and enjoy a relaxed chat with your neighbors.

Book clubs
If you’re a writer, you know that the best way to become a better writer is by reading more. However, we can all too easily become ensconced within the confines of our favorite authors, genres, and series’. Opening up your home or a local community center to a book club is a great way to hone your writing talent by engaging with others’ tastes and trying books that you may not usually consider. Plus, you can hone your speaking literary skills as you prepare your notes on the story and arrange them into a cohesive debate with other book club members.


Communal fundraising

Few things are more effective for bringing people together than banding together to do good for a local cause. You can come together to raise money to support a local amenity which people are passionate about or a charity that people in the community feel strongly about and get creative when it comes to how you raise it. Anything from running, to skydiving to getting your legs waxed, is fair game and you can get creative by designing t-shirts and publicity materials online and around your community. What better way to showcase your talents than by doing some good by using your design skills?


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