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Claim Back Your Inner Peace

The world is a busy place, in fact, you might even refer to it as frantic. From first light till long after dark, people are traveling, working, and living particularly fast lives. In recent years there has been a rise of mindfulness and slow living – working on the concept that, although the world moves at a rapid pace, we can shed a lot of the excess we feel and take life at our own pace. Often times when we feel rushed and hurried through our days, we can start to lose our own inner peace – and then spend a very long time trying to work out how to get it back. However, here are a few tips that will help you find or keep your inner peace.


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Declutter your surroundings and your mind. Mark out a day in your calendar and dedicate it to throwing away things you don’t use, things you don’t like and things the frankly you have no use for. They say that you shouldn’t allow people or things into your life that bring you no joy, and surprisingly our houses are usually filled with precisely those things. While you are decluttering, use the opportunity to disconnect too. Leave your phone out of sight and let your mind slowly work through what you have been doing lately, how you might like to spend your time.


Praise and Worship. Many people of faith find as they get older make less time to touch base with their religion. It’s been proven that people of faith are calmer and have a strong sense of inner peace. So, if you haven’t been making time to pray, or give time to your faith – it is time to rekindle that love and reach out again.

Wake Earlier. If you find you are waking up just about in time to get yourself in some sort of functional state in the morning you are doing yourself a disservice. They say it takes 12 weeks to get into a habit, so make yourself a deal. Think about how long you would like to relax in the morning and slowly get ready, make kids lunches, do your hair, read some of the daily news… and work towards that goal. For the next 12 weeks set your alarm earlier and earlier in ten-minute increments until you reach your goal. Slow and steady achieves the goal.


Find time to be creative. It doesn’t matter if you love reading, writing, painting, sewing or knitting. Whatever it is that you love to do, build time into your life to do it. We are naturally a creative species who like to make and create, by denying yourself that pure pleasure you’re going to take away a lot of your inner peace.


Do one thing at a time. We are masters at piling all of our tasks in a pile and trying to work through them all at once. Half the time this means we are only giving any one task the bare minimum of our attention. Ditch this method and work methodically instead. One thing at a time.

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