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Make the Most out of Your Time

Life is so busy and stressful at times. Juggling the housework, the kids, and the career can leave us to wound up and stressed out. It’s not always easy to take a time out for ourselves. But when you can grasp those few minutes of peace, it’s important to maximize your break to ensure you can fully unwind. Try these tips to make the most of your fifteen minutes:

Get Organized

It’s easier to stay focused and on the ball if you have everything planned out in front of you. We have a great free household organizer you can try out. Planning your day in detail helps you see exactly what needs to be done, and where you need to be to do it. You can list your daily tasks, and even detail what the kids have on. Preparing each day can help make it run smoothly, leaving you to cruise through it stress-free.

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Coffee Break

Taking regular coffee breaks helps your mind to rest as well as your body. Some of us even work right through lunch. It’s easy to let your blood sugar drop too low, making you irritable and grumpy. Instead, take those regular breaks to make sure you’re drinking and eating enough to stay calm and focused. Making a great cup of coffee you can enjoy away from the hustle and bustle of the office isn’t always easy, but try to treat yourself to some alone time.

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Yoga is very popular at the moment as a way to keep stress at bay. The breathing techniques and poses are designed to offer clarity of thought and improved focus. Muscles are relaxed, and posture is improved to help you feel strong and confident again. You don’t have to join a class to enjoy all the benefits Yoga has to offer. There are guided apps, YouTube videos and even books that will help you get the most out of your practice.



Photo by GaborfromHungary


Fifteen minutes of jogging is all it takes to release those happy hormones. This is one of the best ways to help you feel refreshed, relaxed, and rejuvenated. Sure, you might be a little sweaty afterward. But you’ll have the delight of knowing you’ve reduced your stress and your waistline! You can run with a friend, or pound the pavements on your own for some great ‘me’ time.

Photo from taliesin

Play A Musical Instrument

With just fifteen minutes of practice, you can enjoy playing your favorite tunes on your musical instrument. There has been a lot of studies and discussions about how to use music for stress relief. Listening to music can influence our mood and emotional responses. But making the music ourselves uses the whole brain and the body too. This can provide the perfect break from the stresses of life, and offer you the pleasure of making music.


Stress is harmful to our health. It can cause weight gain, wrinkles, and illness. Combatting stress is only one way to deal with it. Try these top tips to make sure stress doesn’t get on top of you at all.



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