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Beaded Bracelet - Great Company

I got my first order from Art Beads the other day.  I'll get on to what I made in just a minute.

You know when you have experienced a great company that cares. It isn’t because of the products, although they are great. It isn’t because of the delivery service, however that is great too because it is free. But often times it is what isn’t said but can be experienced.

My package arrived and upon opening it, I got the sense of great care and attention to my order. It was in the little things, the details. Individually bagged sorted beads that were labeled and wrapped in a beautiful purple tissue paper then sealed with a stylish sticker. All of which must have been packaged by hand with great care. This impressed me.

There are many options when it comes to ordering beads online but few with such attention to details. For this, I will order again and again from Art Beads.

Now on to my project. I ordered:

LMP-0042 - Matte Blue and White Roundels
FP-SAPLT8 - 8mm Czech Fire Polished Bead Light Sapphire  
SS-DISC - STG 3.25mm Spacer Disc                          
SS-SAU5 - 5.7mm Shiny Saucer Bead    

Disclosure: the above list of beads were kindly provided free-of-charge by, within the frames of blogging program. The author of this blog has not received any payment from above-mentioned company. This post represents only personal opinion of the blog author.  

Along with silver wire, which I had, I made a bracelet. My original intent was to make a stretch bracelet but not having enough beads to go the distance, I choose a wired link style bracelet. This design also works well for a variety of left over beads that relate to each other but don't exactly match.

I will post the instruction soon, but here is my creation:   

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