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A Summer Guy-de To Fashion And The Effortless Look

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The world of fashion can be exhausting for men. Even household items seem to be included in this wacky industry, as talked about over at The West Australian. Still, on a normal level, there seem to be so few options in terms of clothing for you when compared to women, and yet you feel the pressure to keep things fresh in the way that your friends seemingly always manage to do. The key to a “good fashion sense” is not to overthink it and not to overstuff your wardrobe with a hundred different outfits. There’s a right way to approach fashion. Here’s a guide to help you maintain an effortless look whilst simultaneously not coming across as lazy with regards to your appearance. It’s a contradiction - we know.


Your wardrobe.

Casual-wear and smart-wear might both give you a headache if you’re a man (or a woman trying to buy better clothes for a man in your life). There are so many varying trends out there that the key is simply to focus on getting the size and color right, but we’ll come back to that. You could check out The Iconic for help with picking out a smart suit for any occasion. You should ideally have suits for casual wear, including weddings and perhaps very sophisticated dates, and professional wear for work or important events. We’re talking about proper suits, of course. The creased old shirt, the hideous tie, and the blazer that’s too small for you won’t do; you need to opt for sleek minimalism. It shouldn’t cost you the earth to revamp your wardrobe either, as numerous articles over at InStyle prove.


Whites, grays, blacks, and blues are all colors which work best; there can be contrast, but it has to work in terms of color coordination. This isn’t to say that you need to opt for boring and plain design. Patterns are okay too, but you have to do it right, as demonstrated in this POPSUGAR article. Color is only one half of the equation, of course. Size is also absolutely crucial when it comes to any clothing. Choose clothes that fit. That’s some universal advice for you. Forget about whether you like your body shape or not. We all come in different shapes and sizes, but everybody looks better if they simply wear clothes that fit. Trust us on this one. When it comes to style itself, it’s all about how comfortable you are. If you feel “right” in a suit, for example, (even if it’s as wacky as this one over at Fashion Journal) then people will pick up on your confident vibes. And don’t worry about how extensive your wardrobe collection is either. Quality is better than quantity. An article over at Now To Love revealed that even Barack Obama wore the same suit for eight years without anyone noticing, so you’re probably fine.

Your accessories.

Everybody likes to accessorize, even if you didn’t realize that was what you were doing. Accessories go beyond jewelry or earrings, though many men can rock those things too, as talked on our site in other articles. Even if that isn’t your style, of course, your watch, your belt, and numerous other “small” details of your appearance are accessories. Your fragrance is an accessory, and you can head over to buro247 if you’re struggling in that realm. An article over at Vogue suggests card holders, and we couldn’t agree more. Wallets are great if you know how to manage them, but the evidence seems to prove that most people don’t. Wallets invite you to store everything in one place, and that leads to a bulging mess of credit cards, cash, and endless receipts. What starts as a sleek and sophisticated accessory ends up tattered and creased.


As a general rule of thumb, you should have accessories that are practical in their purpose but also retain an elegant look. Essentially, you want accessories that are useful but won’t get worn out easily. Custom-made phone cases are another good example. You don’t want the clunky cheap cases you get from shops because they don’t look good, but having no case puts your phone at risk of breaking. Find a happy compromise and choose a case which enhances the aesthetic of your phone rather than impeding it; that way, it’s appealing whilst also being practical enough to not break your phone.

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