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3 DIY Strategies for Fresh-Smelling Air

Have you ever returned home to a house that smells musty or like last night's dinner is still hanging around? If so, your home is suffering from stale air, which is an issue that needs addressing. Air that doesn't smell good causes odors to settle into the fabric of your furniture, curtains, and even your clothes. Your indoor air quality is suffering, and it could be due to one of a few causes. The good news is that you can combat stale air and subtle funk that's overtaking your home with these three tips.


Vacuum Regularly With DIY Carpet Freshener

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For many homeowners, a typical routine includes getting out the vacuum once a week to go over the carpets and rugs. However, that's just the start of what you need to do to lift odors. First, replace the vacuum bag or clean out the canister if you're using a bagless model. You'll want to minimize the chance of recycling dust that's already trapped by the vacuum.


Next, put down carpet freshener before vacuuming. You can make your own by placing essential oil and baking soda in a sifting jar. The baking soda is fine enough to get down into the fibers and leaves behind a fresh scent when vacuumed up. What's left behind keeps scenting the air until the next time you vacuum.


Use Homemade Potpourri

Place potpourri in a dish or in a jar, and it will release its scent into the air over time. When the scent wanes, simply stir the bowl and add a couple drops of your favorite essential oil into the mix to perk it back up.


Making your own potpourri is easy. Find dried flowers, dried fruits, and herbs that appeal to you, and mix them together in a bowl. Boost the scent by adding a few drops of an essential oil that complements the mix. You'll want to use ingredients that harmonize for the best effect. Earthy scents paired with crisp or sharp smells may not work well.


If you find that you've got the right scents together but your home still smells a bit off, it might be because your HVAC needs a checkup. Dust and dirt collect in the ducts, and dirty filters can let odor pass into your home. A clean HVAC system is the best bet for a home that smells fresh.


Spray Air Freshener

Avoid the chemicals and make your own spray to help keep your furniture smelling fresh. Combine baking soda and essential oils and pour them into a spray bottle. Make sure to give the bottle a good shake before spraying. The baking soda helps carry the oil, and the water disperses everything evenly as you spray. Plus, the baking soda absorbs odor, allowing the essential oil to be more effective.


These tips will help you get the air in your home smelling great and staying fresh. Keep up with regular applications of your homemade fresheners, and you'll keep unwanted scents away for a lot longer.

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