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Top Hacks For Living In An RV


You may love taking trips in your RV, but do you love the little annoying things that can turn an otherwise great time into a bit of a hassle?


There’s no need to let these small annoyances put a damper on your next trip. That’s where simple yet effective RV living hacks will come in handy to ensure that you’re a happy camper.


Here are the top hacks for living in an RV:


1. Invest In Kitchen Gadgets has several great ideas on how you can keep your RV kitchen neat and organized to reduce any stress you might feel from it. For example, you can install a spice rack, hang your coffee mugs over the sink rather than let them take up space in your cupboards, and hang your fruits and vegetables in baskets rather than allowing them to take up space as well.


2. Install Motion Sensor Lights In The Cupboards, Pantries, and Closets

If you need to find something in a cupboard, pantry, or closet, it may be difficult to find what you need without a flashlight in hand (especially at night). Fortunately, you can install motion sensor lights to illuminate your cupboards and closets the moment you open the door. No longer will you need to needlessly fumble around with a flashlight.


3. Put Glow In The Dark Duct Tape On Your RV Steps

By installing strips of glow in the dark duct tape on the steps to your RV, you’ll be able to see where your feet are stepping when you need to get outside at night. This will be a very nice convenience and help avoid an unnecessary accident.


4. Make A Milk Jug Lamp

You can illuminate the entire inside of your RV with nothing more than a clean milk jug, some water, and a light with an elastic band. Simply fill up the milk jug with the water, close it shut with the lamp, and then strap the flashlight around the jug so the light faces into it.


The light from this lantern will be very bright and more powerful than most ordinary flashlights. Since the milk jug already has a handle on it, it will be extremely easy to carry around as well.


5. Put A Baking Stone Into Your RV’s Oven

RV ovens are notorious for cooking just a little too much and leaving anything you put in them more burnt than well cooked. The reason for this is because the burner in the RV oven concentrates heat in only one area. Fortunately, you can effectively mitigate this issue by placing a baking stone into the oven to absorb and better distribute the heat.


RV Living Hacks

If you love taking trips in you RV, then you should definitely find clever RV living hacks like the ones we’ve covered in this article to be of use to you. Be sure to use each of these hacks the next time you hit the road.


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