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The Brains Behind Red Ted Art

Red Ted Art

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Did you know the craftiness of Red Ted Art is actually a woman named Maggy and she lives in the UK? Get to know a bit about her by reading her interview.

Tell us a bit about yourself:    
Hello! I LOVE to craft. Have two kids (a boy and a girl) am married and live in the UK.

Favorite food:
Chocolate! - (I have read a lot of shocking info about favorite food when interviewing crafters but I have to say, this girl has it right!)    

Favorite drink:
Water (yes water!)    

How long have you been crafting?    
Ever since I can remember, but started my website 5yrs ago.

Do you have a favorite medium or medium of the moment?
We love to craft with anything, but we are currently particularly enjoying pom poms!    

Is there anything influencing your work right now?
My kids!    

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Where do you turn for inspiration?
My fellow crafters and books. Though again, my kids are great for coming up with things    

One tool you can’t live without?

Something craft related that you spend too much money on.
ALL of it.. I am always picking up paints, washi tape or new colours of wool, that I don't really need!

Share a tip or trick or quote?
No one is "not crafty". Everyone can be creative.

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Is there anything craft related that you would like to try or learn?
At some point I would like to get better at sewing and maybe give felting a go.    

Name something that takes your time away from crafting.

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