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Meet Megan from C’mon Get Crafty

Welcome to our newest feature. We are meeting all different bloggers from around the world. Here is our first featured crafter. Welcome her, follow her social media links below and be inspired by her work! If you'd like to be featured, you can fill out the request form here. [form]

Meet Megan from C’mon Get Crafty. She lives in Oswego, IL

Tell us a little about yourself:
I’m one of those crazy DIYers who can’t pass a clearance aisle without wondering what repurposed possibilities it might hold. I love to share my triumphs and do-overs, and nothing is sacred! Kids crafts, home decor, card making, you name it! I’m blissfully married to a serial gamer and proud mama of one precocious four year old and his new baby brother. I love to read, watch movies, play games, watch football, and enjoy a glass of wine or five with some great friends around a firepit.

Favorite food:
BRIE!! And scallops. Though not necessarily together.

Favorite drink:
Wine and I have a love affair, but my husband knows about it.

How long have you been crafting:
Hmm, forever? I used to draw and paint as a kid, and my dream was to be a Disney animator. Now I'm more about furniture and diy and kids and home related crafts. Aging, I guess! 

Do you have a favorite medium or medium of the moment?
I love working with vinyl and my cutting machines!

Is there anything influencing your work right now?
I am always influenced by music and movies. I also draw a lot of inspiration from magazines and Pinterest. 

Where do you turn for inspiration?
Nature, home decor magazines, Pinterest.

One tool you can’t live without?
Ooh, tough one. Probably my Cricut machine.

Something craft related that you spend too much money on.
Ha, all of it!! I used to rack up charges on Cricut cartridges, then it would be various paints, now it is probably furniture and home decor to repurpose. It goes in waves.

Share a tip or trick or quote?
Glitter is the worst thing you can do to yourself, your home, or your husband.

Is there anything craft related that you would like to try or learn?
I'd love to get into woodworking, and I need to revisit sewing. 

Name something that takes your time away from crafting.
Well, I have a FT job, two kids, and a husband, so there's a LOT that can take away from it. 

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