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Working with Resin and Alcohol Inks

I have worked with resin a number of times but I have never mixed in Alcohol Inks. I wanted to experiment with this mixture. My attempts weren't what I expected and I had to try it over again to get the results I expected. I don't know if I am fully versed in using them together but I have learned quite a bit from the trials. 

I was sent packaged of jewelry resin to try from Resin Crafts ETI.

Along with a few molds.

I followed the directions in the packaging because different resins have different directions although they are a two-part mix.

I wanted to work with alcohol inks. Note that the white ink is heavier and will sink in the resin.

Here I have poured in the resin and begun to mix in the alcohol ink.

Mixing different colors of inks together.

For a different attempt, I am adding in dried flowers.

After a small layer of resin has dried, I create a floral arrangement on top of the resin and then cover with more resin.

Mixing blue dye into the resin as well as leaving some clear.

Sharing the results of different resin mixes.

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