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Where I Have Been - Pillowcase DIY

A fun project for kids to track where they have traveled. We printed out the graphic and copied it onto a pillowcase but it could also go on a tote bag or a t-shirt. We used a black Sharpie marker to outline the design and then filled in the states with fabric markers that we found at the Dollar Tree. Obviously, my daughter is a midwestern girl!


  • pillow case
  • fabric markers
  • black sharpie
  • free printout



Print out the map PDF file setting the printout as tiled, then tape the pages together. [map PDF file]

map outline

Place the pieced together printout into the pillowcase. Trace the graphic with a black Sharpie marker. You may want to do this step for younger children. 


color map

Fill in the states visited with different colors and patterns or however you desire. You might like to mark home and family members with a dot. When drawing on the pillowcase, make sure to leave a paper layer inside the pillowcase so the colors don't bleed through to the backside while drawing. 


  • Use a gentle touch with the markers, they will bleed as your draw. 
  • Complex patterns or designs don't work well. 
  • A white cotton pillowcase would work best. (the store was out of them)
  • Be careful with young children and marking on their clothing, these pens are permanent and made to write on fabric. 
  • Iron the pillowcase before drawing if needed. 
  • Do not wash right away after drawing, allow the ink to set. Always follow the instructions on your specific brand of markers. 


This post is a part of a monthly Craft Challenge with Creatively Crafty Blog Group #CCBG.
July's theme was vacation or travel crafts.

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Try it - Like it :: Where I Have Been - Pillowcase DIY

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