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What is a Cricut "Make Something You Love Event" Like?

On August 21st crafters gathered at the Bridgeport Art Center for Cricut’s Make Something You Love Event. There were two sessions available morning or afternoon. Each session had more than 200 attendees.


The Bridgeport Art Center

1200 West 35th Street, Chicago, Il

Can you image what effort it took to get all the necessary equipment and people here from Utah for this one-day event? It was really amazing to see the behind the scenes of this event. 


just a small representation of the boxes for Makers, Light Pads, Sewing machines, and Easy Presses


When the first class was finished, everyone broke for either lunch or dinner depending upon which session was attended. There was a variety of different boxed meals to choose from including vegetarian and gluten free. Then the crafters went to their second class.


facebook live stage
Facebook live stage
(I helped unpack)

The Cricut Facebook live booth was available for those interested in recording their own video. Each attendee was given a “bingo card” to fill out and turn in for an Illinois pin and entry to the giveaway items.


sewing classroom
half of the sewing classroom



Each table could accommodate five crafters. There was a Cricut Maker and a Singer Sewing Machine at each table.


I signed up to volunteer at the event. I worked in the sewing classroom. The day was long and I was tired at the end but I fully enjoyed my time with Cricut. I haven’t taught in a classroom for a few years and I realized I missed the experience.



new tools
the new tool system



As you can imagine with hosting such an event away from your home turf, there were a few bumps along the way. But in the end, I would choose to do it all over again. If I were asked to volunteer at another Cricut event, I would jump at the chance! I don't know if all the events will be the same but I know they will all be a great experience!


happy and exhausted!


Additional Make Something You Love Events:


Atlanta     September 10

Dallas      October 15

Houston   November 6



Want to see a bit more behind the scenes?


First Floor


5th Floor Classrooms - setting up for the day


New Products:

The Cricut Maker

The Cricut Bright Pad

The Cricut Easy Press


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