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Tulle Christmas Tree


: Nylon Net Christmas Tree 
: Materials: 
: 3 1/2 yards Nylon Net--72" wide
: 1 dowel stick 18" long--1/4 diameter
: 1 5x5 wood block
: 1 cardboard circle 8" in diameter
: small ornaments, angel or ornament for top
: glitter 
: cut one strip 15" long x 72" wide
: 14" long x 72" wide
: 13" long x 72" wide
: 12" long x 72" wide
: 11" long x 72" wide
: 10" long x 72" wide
: 9" long x 60" wide
: 8" long x 60" wide
: 7" long x 60" wide
: 6" long x 45" wide
: 5" long x 45" wide
: 4" long x 45" wide
: 3" long x 45" wide
: Fold strips in half starting with 15x72", making it 7 1/2 x 72". Run heavy basting thread close to fold 1/4". Tie both ends of thread together as tightly as possible, tying several knots. Open material and ruffle. Slip disc over dowel stick which has been mounted in wood base. Round cardboard goes on first to support ruffle. Repeat for each strip. After all net discs have been placed on dowel stick, ruffle completely. Add small ornaments. Put glue on edges and add glitter for extra decorations.


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