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Tryazon and Boye Pom Pom Making Party

Special thanks to Boye and Tryazon. #pompomparty and #tryazon

The ending of a fun gathering, I brought the Boye Pom Pom Party Kit to a teens sleepover party. They started the evening with a school bonfire party, then a sleepover. I arrived before pick-up time to share the Tryazon Boye Pom Pom Kit. The girls were ready to get started when I arrived. As with most teens, what you think doesn't always happen. I will explain later. 

pom pom kit
supplies from the box

The Pom Pom Kit Included:

  • Boye Pom-Pom & Tassel Maker kit
  • 3 Skeins of yarn
  • Supplies & instructions to make 10 pom pom necklaces 

Each girl got to take home one of each:

  • Double-sided inspiration card
  • Promo code for the Pom Pom & Tassel Maker
  • Promo code for yarn
  • 1 Boye tote bag 
  • 1 fun sticker

We began by sorting out all the contents of the box. Each girl got to pick their take-home items. We opened up the Pom Pom Tassel Maker and talked about how to make the pom poms. I shared that I thought I would want to use two of the yarn colors for my own necklace. 

girls hard at work

There weren't enough tools for everyone to make the same size at the same time. The girls started making different sizes. The larger the pom pom seemed like the better choice. They all loved the large ones. Then it became a challenge to see who could make the largest one!

pom poms
a variety of different sizes

As the girls got picked up, there were fewer users trying to use the same materials so now they were able to make multiple colored pom poms. 

multiple colors
multiple colored pom poms

What we found out while using the Pom Pom and Tassel Maker. It wasn't as easy as we thought it would be. Teaching a group of people led to a few pom poms that fell apart because the wrong yarn ends were used to tie off the pom pom. Depending on how many wraps of yarn you used, tying off the pom pom was hard to make it tight enough to hold the pieces together. Keeping track of the ends to tie off was something you need to pay attention too or they might get lost in the wrapping of yarn. After the pom pom was made, the needed to be trimmed up to a circular shape in some instances and I am not sure why that was the case. 

What we liked: the different sizes available. The channel guide for cutting the yarn. The fact that once you had the Pom Pom Tassel Maker you would want to make more of them. In the end, we think it would be a lot easier to use with just one or two people instead of in a larger group setting where everyone is trying to use the same pieces. 

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