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Tie Dye Small Tote :: A Summer to Dye For...

This summer is going to be a "summer to dye for" since Tulip is sponsoring Tie Dye Your Summer projects. We started our summer of dying with a cute tote bag made from a boys tank undershirt. This tote would be great for caring items back and forth to VBS. You could use it in your larger bag or back pack to carry smaller items. How about for a sleep over bag for bathroom items. A pajama bag to tuck under your pillow or a swim suit bag for the pool or beach. How about a gift bag for a birthday present. I am sure you can think of a variety of different ways to use this small tote. 



Boys Small Tank Shirt
Tie Dye Kit
Paper Towels
Plastic bags
Sewing Machine/iron on tape/fabric glue
Decorative Embellishments 




1. Wash material to be dyed. We worked with ours wet but you can dry them first if you desire. We wanted the ink to blend so we started wet. 
2. Fold, twist or wrinkle the shirt as you desire and then bind with elastic bands (included in the kit). Make sure to bind tightly.
3. Fill the dye bottles with water and apply to the fabric as desired (use the plastic gloves provided so not to dye your hands).
4. Since the project is small, they fit into plastic bags easily. We zipped the bags shut and let them rest for six hours as indicated.
5. Rinse the shirts in water until the water runs clear. At this point, you can run them through the laundry if you desire. 
6. Decide how deep you want your tote bag to be and hem.
        You can sew it closed on a sewing machine but if sewing isn't your thing, you can use iron on tape to close the bottom or use fabric glue for the hem. 
7. Add embellishments as desired. 

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Try it - Like it Disclosure: I received complimentary products or payment in order to share this information along with my honest opinion. Please see my Disclosure Policy.

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