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Sale of a Lifetime

I read about this sale on Facebook Marketplace and decided I would set my alarm and go. I wasn't sure what I was attending but it would be a fun drive on a Saturday morning with my husband. I was worried the sale would be packed and we tried to arrive as it started. We were a few minutes late but it really wasn't that busy. People were shopping but no hoarding which surprised me given the prices of the craft supplies.

From what I understand, a lady was buying all these supplies to stock up and start having craft classes at her home. I heard she had inherited some money and did a good job of spending it. Before she was actually able to host the classes, she had a stroke and is now living with family members who are caring for her. In cleaning out her house, her relatives were so overwhelmed they were going to throw the craft items out because they didn't know what to do with them. Someone stepped in and suggest they donate. Two organization received the products. Delta Theta Tau was one of the organizations and they are the ones who had the sale. 

Prices were amazing. Stamps sold for 25 cents to 5 dollars. I purchased stencils for 5 cents that had store price tags on them for 14 dollars. The video below will show you more of my findings. Overall I spent about 100 dollars and I have to have over 1,000 dollars worth of goods. 

I felt a bit guilty for buying at these prices but glad to be supporting an organization that helps their community. 


Can you believe they still have items to sell? From what I understood, their community has a garage sale once a year in April and they were going to take the rest of the products there to sell. If you are interested in hearing about that sale I would suggest following the facebook page linked below so you will be notified of the sale.

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