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Resurrection Easter Eggs :: DIY

I have created files that you can use to create your own Resurrection Easter Eggs. The items you will need:

I will post images later, I wanted to share the information ASAP

  • egg carton
  • 12 plastic Easter eggs
  • 1 die
  • 1 silk flower leaf
  • 1 cup (small made from air dry clay)
  • 3 coins
  • nails (I used 4 and tied them into a cross)
  • 1 spear (I made mine out of craft foam)
  • 1 thorny crown (use a milk bottle ring and turn it inside out)
  • 1 white cloth
  • 1 image of praying hands (I used a rubber stamp on shrink art)
  • 1 piece of leather
  • 1 stone

Fill each egg with one of the items listed above, leaving the last egg empty. 

The explainantion:

Egg 1
Color of egg: Lt. Pink
Contents: Leaf
Verse: Matthew 21:1-9
The leaf reminds us of Christ’s entry into Jerusalem.

Egg 2
Color of egg: Lt. Blue
Contents: 3 Coins
Verse: Matthew 26:14-16, 46-50, 27:1-5
The coins remind us of the 30 pieces of silver Judas received for betraying Jesus into the hands of the Jewish leaders.

Egg 3
Color of egg: Lt. Green
Contents: The Cup
Verse: Matthew 26:17-19, 26-28; Exodus 12:23
The cup reminds us of Jesus’ last super with His Disciples before His crucifixion. It was what was used for the wine, which is drunk in memory of Christ’s blood that He shed for us and our sins.

Egg 4
Color of egg: Lt Purple
Contents: Praying Hands
Verse: Mark 14:32-42
The praying hands remind us of Jesus visiting the Garden of Gethsemane to pray.

Egg 5
Color of egg: Lt. Yellow
Contents: Leather
Verse: John 19:1-15 (For further context, also read Matthew 27:26-31.)
The leather reminds us of the whip used to give Jesus 39 lashes after His trial by Pilate.

Egg 6
Color of egg: Lt. Orange
Contents: Crown of Thorns
Verse: Matthew 27:29
The crown of thorns reminds us of the crown that the soldiers placed on Jesus’ head while mocking Him, saying “Hail, King of the Jews!”

Egg 7
Color of egg: Pink
Contents: Nails
Verse: John 19:16-22
The three nails remind us of the nails that were driven into Jesus’ hands and feet to nail Him to the cross.

Egg 8
Color of egg: Purple
Contents: One Die
Verse: John 19:23-25
This one die reminds us of the Roman soldiers gambling for Jesus’ robe.

Egg 9
Color of egg: Orange
Contents: Spear
Verse: John 19:31-37
This item reminds us of the spear that the Roman soldiers used to pierce Jesus’ side when He was on the cross.

Egg 10
Color of egg: Yellow
Contents: Cloth
Verse: Matthew 27:57-61
The linen reminds us of the cloth used by Joseph of Arimathea to wrap Jesus’ body after He died on the cross.

Egg 11
Color of egg: Green
Contents: Stone
Verse: Matthew 28:1-2
The stone reminds us of the tomb with the stone rolled away.

Egg 12
Color of egg: Blue
Contents: Empty
Verse: Matthew 28:5-8
The empty egg reminds us of the empty tomb and Jesus’ resurrection from the dead.

The files:

Cover art for the egg carton
The explanation from above to fold into a brochure
A list of egg colors and their contents to go on the inside of the carton. 

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