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Recycled Can :: Garden Flowers

These flowers were inspired by a craft challenge for the month of May's theme "garden" with The Creative Craft Bloggers Group (CCBG). The flowers are made from recycled soda cans. Aluminum cans are remarkably easy to cut and work with, I was surprised. I made the flowers with the intention of placing them on our mini barn near our garden. But as Spring would have it, every step of the process was thwarted by rain. They will eventually make it to our backyard. 


  • empty soda cans
  • utility scissors
  • spray paint
  • Sharpie Oil Markers
  • adhesive


Fortunately or unfortunately, I drink a lot of diet soda. So instead of recycling them, I decided to craft with them. Once empty, I cut the tops off the cans and then began trying different ways to cut them for use as flowers. 

can and utility scissors

I used utility scissors but kitchen shears or even a craft knife will cut through the can. 

cut cans

Every time I tried to spray paint these, I got them painted and while they were drying, it rained.

Pay no attention to the weeds, please.

I chose the paint based on the colors I wanted. The pink is a Satin finish, I didn't notice until I sprayed it. I should have noticed the lid and the can. It was clearly labeled. 

adhesive and flowers

While cutting the cans, I knew I wanted to layer the shapes.
Once you decide how you want to layer them, apply adhesive between the layers.
Choose an adhesive that can withstand a variety of weather if you intend to use the flowers outside.

additional designs with Sharpie

You could stop at the above step and have beautiful colored flowers. I needed to add more. I thought about painting designs on the flowers but I didn't want to wait for the paint to dry since I was already behind on this project thanks to the rain. I chose to use Sharpie oil based markers and I was really happy with the control and results. Besides, they seemed to dry almost instantly, and the colors complimented the colors of spray paint I chose.

The final results. While each is uniquely different, the color palette pulls them together. 

As mentioned above, this project is a part of a monthly craft challenge for the month of May. We were challenged with the theme of "garden". Please take a moment to visit the other creatively talented ladies who participated in The Creative Craft Bloggers Group Challenge. (CCBG)

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