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Quick and Easy Printable Luggage Tags

We recently bought new luggage for a European vacation because we needed lightweight luggage and new carry-ons for the size change requirements. We found some great options with the brand Jump but they didn't come with luggage tags. So, the day before our travels I whipped up some quick and easy printable luggage tags. I thought these would make great backpack tags as well. They really are quick and easy to make.



  • printable design (links below)
  • printer and cardstock 
  • packing tape
  • scissors
  • ribbon


Begin by choosing a design to print out. You can choose between the four colors shown above. The links to each printable with four tags each follows. [Yellow]  [Black and White]   [Purple]   [Blue Green] These are 8.5 x 11" PDF files.

Before printing, type in your information or write it in after printing. 

Cut each shape out and fold in half. 

Using packing tape, pull off a long strip and cover the tag front and back. If you have a laminator, that would work well too. Trim off excess tape.

Slice a slit into the luggage tag or use a paper punch at the top of the tag. 

Thread ribbon through the tag and attach to your bag. I also used a match at the ends of the ribbon so it doesn't fray. 

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