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Pinterest Worthy: Roundup of The Best Crafts For Fall

When you’re someone that likes crafts and DIY, Pinterest is a fantastic resource. Always brimming with ideas, it’s somewhere you can always go for new and exciting inspiration for your own work. Whether you’re following a tutorial or looking to create something from scratch, it’s always worth having a scroll through. Autumn will be upon us in the next month, and so if you’re looking to get crafty and create some awesome fall- inspired pieces, here’s a roundup of some of the best crafts currently on Pinterest!


Autumn Wreaths

Wreaths don’t have to just be for Christmas! Pinterest has tonnes of tutorials for fantastic creative wreaths that you can use to bring a bit of autumn festivity to the home. If you start with a polystyrene wreath base you could decorate it in any way you like. You could cut out paper or felt leaves and stick them on using pins, cordless hot melt glue guns are also useful for this. You could even go on a woodland walk and collect real fallen autumn leaves. You could decorate with pine cones, dried fruit and nuts or use twine and twigs. Depending on the materials you’ve used you could hang this out on your front door at the start of the season, or if it’s not waterproof use it as decor in the home. If you were doing these, you could even wrap it in LED fairy lights!


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Candle Holders

Another creative way to use autumn leaves is to turn them into candle holders! You can use a clear glass jar, and then mod podge leaves to the inside to create a stunning autumnal looking candle holder. Best of all, when you pop a small candle or tealight inside, it will glow the colour of autumn. Imagine being sat watching them flicker away while you enjoy a hot chocolate when the weather cools down- bliss! You can also stick twigs to the outside of glass candle holders then wrap with twine for a cute, rustic effect, or even use dried orange slices and cinnamon to create a table centrepiece! One creative Pinterest tutorial hollowed out a log, placing pine cones and candles along the centre which looks really effective. Perfect if you’re planning on hosting a dinner party or get together over the autumn months.



Bringing some new decor pieces into the home and switching things up can be a good way to celebrate the season. Even something as simple as replacing cushion covers can switch up the look of the room, and there’s no need to run out and buy expensive ready made ones. Find some beautiful, autumn inspired fabric (warm colours or leaf prints work well) from your craft store. Using a simple cushion template, you can sew the edges either with a machine or even by hand and either go with a zip, button or simple envelope fastening at the back. Once they’re no longer appropriate for the season, you could fold them away and pop them in the attic to be used for next year too!


Pot Pourri

Even if you’re not particularly good at crafts and don’t like projects that are too fiddly, you can easily make Pot Pourri. Dry out some slices of lemon, orange and apple along with some petals in the oven on a very low heat. Put these into a big bowl along with some whole spices- cinnamon sticks, nutmeg, cloves and star anise work well. You could add a couple of pine cones too if you manage to find any while you’re out walking! Add some drops of your favourite essential oil to give it fragrance- you can buy all kinds of scents and combinations online these days. Ideal for crafts, and great in things like wax burners and sprayed onto lights and radiators too to make your home smell lovely. Pot Pourri is gorgeous to look at, gives your home a festive fall look and smells nice too. What more could you need? You could put a bowl on your bedside table, a big bowl on your coffee table and even fill up glasses and use as decoration on your dining table at parties.


Pine Cone Garland

Collecting pine cones is a fun family activity during the autumn months, but if you’ve collected tonnes of them and aren’t sure what to do with them, you’re in luck. Pine cone garlands look really effective, they could be used for things like parties to decorate or just as autumnal decor in your home. You need a long piece of twine, and simply wrap this around the bottom part of the pine cone, so the string is hidden by the ridges. This is a piece of decor that will look fantastic through the autumn, right through to Christmas. You could spray it with glitter and team it up with a fir garland and fairy lights for the ultimate Christmassy look.


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Bird Feeders

During the colder months, birds rely on humans for food since their natural food sources dry up. So putting out nuts, seeds, suet balls and other tasty treats can allow them to survive the winter. If you want to teach children about this and show them the joy that can come from feeding and watching birds, why not get involved in a simple DIY? This project found on Pinterest mixes bird seed with gelatine and cutting out shapes using cookie cutters. These can then be strung up on trees for birds to come and nibble on. Easy, inexpensive and a great way to get children involved.


So get stocking up on craft supplies and get your ideas jotted down ready for the month ahead! You could revamp your home with some cute accessories and have fun in the process. Whether you want to enjoy a creative hobby, make products to sell online or have fun with your kids, crafting is a great way to go!

What are your favourite seasonal crafts? Will you be attempting any of these Pinterest DIYs this year?

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