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How to Paint with Stickers

Heading into a Total Knee Replacement, I knew I wanted to line up an easy sedentary craft I could make. I know how to knit and crochet and I can always fall back on those but I was thinking it would be fun to find something different. I was roaming the internet and someone mentioned a paint by number sticker book. I had no idea what that was but I was intrigued. So after a few different forms of searching, I found them on Amazon. There aren't a ton of them but they do exist. Sticker painting books can be found for children and adults. Now, I just needed to choose the book I would buy.

the book
This is the book I finally decided upon. There was a variety of choices. I was tempted by a spiral bound book. I also paid attention to how many pieces there were to create in each book. My decision was ultimately made on how I liked the variety of images offered in the book.

the art
This is what the artwork looks like. Each area is indicated by a number that corresponds to a sticker that fits the shape.

the stickers
This is what a sticker page looks like. At first, we thought it would be difficult to flip back and forth. Then we noticed the sticker pages are perforated and tear out of the book making the use of the stickers easier. My daughter and I worked together taking turns with placing the stickers and finding the stickers.

The final piece. This is the first image in the book. We are working from front to back of the book without jumping to our favorite images.

What we learned:

It does take a bit of skill to place the stickers in the designated place.
The stickers aren't overly sticky, you can remove them and replace them.
Spaces and the sticker aren't perfect and you may have some visible white space.
The color can scratch off the sticker if you overwork it. 
The process reminds me of working a crossword puzzle. 

This is the book I bought from Amazon - Sticker Therapy Nature

If you are going to buy your own, consider how many images compared to the price. I saw a few options that didn't have the stickers numbered. I saw a few others that you had to cut the stickers yourself. So, with that said, make sure you know what you are buying.

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