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New York State Rose Craft

We are participating in the Tour the World by Flower blog hop. Our state is New York and the state flower is a Rose. I was born in New York, so I felt a connection to choose this state. The craft we chose to represent New York is making bread clay roses. This is actually a very old craft technique I remember making as a child. The clay is made from a piece of bread (yes it can be stale). The items needed are very simple and can easily be found. You probably have most if not all of them on hand.

Clay Recipe:

  • 1 piece of bread (crust removed)
  • White school glue
  • Dish Soap
  • Food coloring

Break the bread into small piece and place in a bowl. Add about a tablespoon of white glue, a teaspoon of dish soap, and 2 drops of food coloring. The measurements are approximate. Using a spoon, smash the bread pieces with the back of the spoon, trying to incorporate the glue, soap and food coloring. When it starts to join together in one piece, you can use your hands to mix the clay. At first it will be rather sticky. Continue to blend the clay together until it's consistency changes and feels like clay (you will be able to tell the difference). 

You can store the clay in a plastic bag in your refrigerator for about one week.
This is an air dry clay and similar to porcelain.

Making the roses:

More about the state of New York:

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