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My Favorite Places to Score Free Fonts

I love typography. That’s not hard to understand if you know I studied and worked as a Graphic Designer. While Graphic Design is the combination of type and image, it was the type that I connected with. 


For years, I was a font snob. Don’t adjust type, don’t mess with a font. I was a purest and I only liked historical well know named fonts. Can I say I have changed my ways. I really enjoy all that is being done with type. 


I have a few go to sites that I love to check their free fonts each week. I think you are going to like them too!


Font Bundles

Font Bundles offers a free font each week. Sign up for their email list and get notified each week. Visit their site section of Free Fonts for even more offerings. The also offer paid versions of fonts. And if you are looking for Design resources, check out their sister site, Design Bundles




Hungry Jpeg

The Hungry Jpeg offers a freebie each week. It isn’t always a font. They only have one freebie a week, so don’t miss it, you will not be able to get it again for free. Sign up for their newsletter and notifications. 


Creative Market

The Creative Market offers a variety of goods, fonts being one of them. Check out the freebies. 

You will also find photos, graphics, templates, and themes.


Mighty Deals

Mighty Deals offers deals for Web Professions but you can find free and priced fonts. And if you are looking for the ever popular Samantha font, they have it for $17.


Deal Jumbo

Deal Jumbo offers discounted design bundles. There is a freebies section on their site, it contains fonts as well as other designer goods. Yes, they have free font bundles!


The best way to utilize these sites is to sign up for their email list so that you are notified of the deals and free fonts. Make sure to download the fonts right away, even if you don’t install them right away. They are only available for a limited time. 


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