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Melting Beads

I have read many posts on melting beads. The fumes sending crafters to melt them on a grill outdoors. I went ahead and tested melting them in my oven, the smell wasn't bad but it was noticeable. I tried a few variations/experiments I will share with you. 

Here's the basics: set oven to 400 degrees and set the timer to 8 minutes. 

I placed the beads on an aluminum foil covered cookie sheet.

Ultimately, I ended up with needing about 16 minutes total. Your experience may vary.

What I tried and found out:

•Varied kinds of beads - round, square, flower shaped
Results - all turned out to be round buttons after baking

•Stacked beads 2 high
Results - during melting the top bead fell off at an angle. It isn't possible to control this. I ended up with an oval type shape. What I desired was a larger button upon finish. I don't recommend it.

•Manipulate after melting with a toothpick
Results - I wanted to be able to adjust the shape or swirl two colors together but the plastic isn't that pliable - I don't recommend it. 

Final Suggestions:

Plan on making extras, shapes don't always look the same. Lint and dirt does melt into the beads even when you don't see it in the beginning, it is noticeable afterwards. 

The pony beads make a larger round disk then expected. 

Clear beads don't give good results (totally clear not tinted)

Suggested Uses:

Great for crafting - scrapbooking - card making - embellishing 

Future trials:

I'd like to try the glitter beads. 
I'd like to try the larger pony beads. 
I'd like to melt multiple beads together for jewelry (example will be posted soon!)

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