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Labeling My Craft Supplies with Cricut Joy

Along with the Cricut Joy I received Smart Label Vinyl. I wanted to give it a try and I had a tower of craft supplies that I had been using but hadn't gotten around to labeling them. Since they are rather new, I haven't fully settled on all the drawer contents but the ones I have, I decided to label them. Using the Cricut Joy made it really easy and I can go back and create more labels in the same design whenever I want since I saved the design. The Cricut Joy drew the words and then cut the label shapes all in one file. It was really nice loading the label materials without the need for a mat or having to cut down the label material beforehand. I just loaded the Smart Label materials and set the file to go.

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I created the simple label design in Design Space using the rectangle tool and the free Cricut font Drescher Grotesk BT Std Roman. If you are interested in the file you can access it here: [Lablels]. I could have filled in the text but I really like the look of the letter left as an outline.

I loaded the Cricut Joy with the Smart Label materials and switched out the blade for the Black pen that came with the Joy machine. Design Space walked me through the steps making it really easy to know when to switch tools. 


Here the labels are printed and cut, ready to peel and place onto my craft drawers. 


Here are the drawers full of materials but o labels.


And here are the drawers with the labels in place. I like that they are easy to read but not overpowering. Although the vinyl is permanent, I could easily move the label if I placed it on crooked. I found taking the drawers out made it much easier to get the labels on straight.

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