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How to Use Mod Podge Ultra Spray on a Picture Frame

I decided to change up a simple silver picture frame. Doing so using the new spray pump Mod Podge made it really easy. With the spray Mod Podge, I was able to work in small sections, just spraying the area I was going to work on. Originally I was going to use a large piece of a napkin for each side. The napkin I used was very easy to tear so I changed course and decided to add smaller pieces, overlapping them. This look I actually liked better because the overlap of colors created new blended colors and shapes. The spray pump Mod Podge really transformed the traditional way to decoupage. I think making it easier to do and making a smoother surface. I wanted to thank Plaid for sending me the matte version of their new spray pump Mod Podge in order to write this post.


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*Just like a paintbrush, Mod Podge Ultra Spray tops need to be cleaned after every use. If they aren't they will clog and become unusable.


I started with this inexpensive silver frame and I removed the unnecessary parts and set them aside.

I first thought I would use long strips of the napkin so I cut them into 1.5" strips to cover the frame.

I found pulling off the additional layer on the napkin that wasn't needed easier to remove after cutting the napkin into strips.

I started to apply one long strip of the napkin to the short side of the frame.
This proved to be more difficult than I anticipated.

So I tore the strips into smaller pieces.
This was much easier to work with and I really liked the visual result.

I used the paintbrush to tap the napkin down into place and remove any air bubbles.
While I sprayed the frame first and then placed the napkin pieces, I also sprayed Mod Podge on top of the napkin pieces too.
I didn't bother with the wrinkles, they work really well with the design on the napkin.
I left the frame to dry thoroughly. It takes about four hours in total.


The picture frame glass came with the Meow, I am not sure how to remove it.
In the future, I will probably replace the glass and use a different photograph in the frame.

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