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How to Personalize Your Mailbox with Tape Technology


As a Tape Technology team member, we are asked to create a post each month with a certain theme or using a certain product. For September we were asked to work with Gloss Craft Vinyl. I chose to use the black. I love how the black gloss contrasts with the matte coffee color of our mailbox. Decorating our mailbox is a project I have had on my to do list for some time. While the project was simple enough, I do have a few tips to share with you I learned during the process. 



The first thing you want to do is measure the usable space on your mailbox as well as clean the surface if it has been in use outside. Our mailbox is across the street and under a few trees, it really needed cleaning!


Next, layout the design you choose to implement and cut it out. The decorative element of this design is available for free above as an SVG file. Just add your own text.


transfer tape
Tape Technologies sent a great roll of transfer tape and it was the perfect size for this project!


Here is my tip to help align things. While still on the backing sheet and the transfer sheet is in place, I fold the design to find the center. Then I mark those lines on the transfer sheet using a pen.


Showing the design lightly in place, using those drawn lines to center things up!


This really took some finessing since the surface of the mailbox was bumpy. I found the push and pull method of removing the transfer tape to work the best. Then I went over everything again with my fingers to burnish it in place.


Tape Technology Inc. craft vinyl is sold under the name Styletech on Amazon.

This post contains affiliate links.
This is a post collaboration with Tape Technologies Inc. I am a part of their Design Team and I was provided vinyl to create this post.

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