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How to Needle Felt a Cute Nome House

The first time I ever needle felted, I was on vacation and found a small inexpensive kit at Daiso, a Japanese Yen Store. I made a duck. After that, I was hooked and bought as many kits as I could before leaving California because I knew we didn't have anything like them at home. Well, at least for the price. Each year, I stock up on more of them while in California. I have bought a better toolset and wool felt from Amazon as well. Prior to this, I had worked with wool felt, or as we called it fleece in graduate school when I took fiber art classes. We didn't needle felt but rather felted by shrinking the fibers together. Through this experience, I have cleaned, carded, and dyed wool. Buying it already done is so much easier!


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disk shape
Start with an amount of wool in your hand and begin to roughly shape it into a disk shape.

needle tool
This is the needle tool you use to poke the wool with.
Notice the notches in the end, these cause the wool to knot or join together which is known as felting.

Place the wool on the felting surface (styrofoam) and poke it with the needle,
moving around and compressing as you go.
Notice the leather covers on my fingers - yes getting poked with the needle HURTS!

taking shape
It doesn't take long for the fleece to start to take shape.

Because this is a difficult process to explain in still pictures, I have created a video tutorial. I made the roof of the house in the video. Please forgive the shaking since the tripod was on the table and I was felting on the same table.


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