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How-to Make An Antique Pressed-Flower Arrangement

I don't know much about the history of pressed flower arranging. I know the craft is old. My mom taught me how to do it years ago. I still have all her old pressed flowers. They are now very aged, actually antiques. I used them for this tutorial. 

The origin of this post is due to being challenged by the Creative Craft Bloggers Group. Each month we pick a theme for the challenge. For August, the theme was to create a craft from thrift shopping find. In this case, the frame was the find.


  • picture frame
  • pressed flowers
  • silk fabric
  • batting or felt


front of frame   back of frame
The frame was found in Crawfordsville, IN at a church thrift store. It was a name place holder, probably for a wedding.
I bought it for 50 cents!

frame apart
1. Take the frame apart. 

cut fabric
2. Cut the silk fabric and the batting just a bit smaller than the backing board from the frame.

3. Layer the backing board, then the batting, then the silk fabric.

4. Using the pressed flowers arrange them as you desire. Begin with the background and the greens, and then build to the top layer. 

5. Place the glass over the arrangement. 
Pressure is the only thing that holds the arrangement in place.

finished arrangement

To Press the Flowers:

pressing the flowers
collect small pieces of blooms and green
place them between tissue
place the tissue between the pages of a very heavy book (phone book)
let them press for at least 2 weeks

once the flowers have dried, you can arrange them by color

stocking boxes
Do you know what these are? Silk Stocking boxes. I told you they were very old.

The stockings came in a shallow box with paper dividers. This is how my mom's pressed flowers are arranged and stored. The colors, of course, are fading, but I like the antique look they give. I also have new pressed flowers that I have collected. 

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