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How to Make a Macrame Keychain

I recently taught a class on how to make a macrame keyring. I am sharing the finished image above and the written directions. I will also include some resources if you need to learn how to tie different knots.


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8 stands of cords
8 larks head knots (attach to keyring)
(makes 16 strands)
row 1 - 4 square knots 
row 2 - skip the first two and last two strands
  3 square knots
row 3 - skip the first four strands
   3 square knots
row 4 - skip the first 6 strands
   2 square knots
row 5 - skip the first 8 strands
   2 square knots
row 6 - skip the first 10 strands
   1 square knot
row 7 - using the first cord, position it at an angle
   double half hitch each cord
row 8 - using the first cord, position it at an angle
   double half hitch each cord
row 9 - 1 square knot
row 10 - skip the first two strands
    1 square knot
row 11 - 2 square knots
row 12 - skip the first two strands
   2 square knots
row 13 - 3 square knots
row 14 - skip the first two strands
   3 square knots 
row 15 - 4 square knots
row 16 - skip the first 2 stands
   * using the next 4 strands, 
   make the 2 outside strands the middle strands
   square knot
   repeat from * 2 more times
row 17 - skip the first 4 strands
   repeat from * 2 times
row 18 - skip the first 6 strands
   repeat from * 1 time
tie 1 knot at the end of each strand
alternate ending - double half hitch from each side to the middle
   tie and double knot with the center 2 strands
   Repeat again
   (This makes a V shape)  
If you would like a printed version of the directions above, you can download this free PDF file [Macrame Keyring Instructions]
YouTube Videos:
The following videos are for the knots used in the keychain project above. 

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