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How to Make a Double-sided Crochet Facecloth


I really like to crochet, it has been my go to craft for years. When I travel I usually take a ball of yarn and a hook with me. I like simple projects the best because I am not the best at following directions, actually I often change them as I go.

I found a pattern for a double sided hot pad and had to give it a try. I changed it up a bit and actually made it easier in my opinion. After making a few, I found the pattern could be used for different things. Take the original but size it down. Instead of a hot pad, you now have coaster sized. Being that they are double sided, they are absorbent as well. Then I thought what if I sized it down again and made a pad for cleaning your face? I found it to be the perfect size to fit in my hand. I use mine to wash and rinse my face at night.


  • cotton yarn (I like the Lily Brand)
  • crochet hook size 6.0 mm
  • scissors


Chain a length of 16

Single crochet into each chain skipping the first chain.

When you get to the end chain, single crochet twice in that chain.

round the end
rounding the end

other side
working back into the chain on the opposite side

Now you are going to round the end and work back into the other side of the chain. Single crochet in each chain.

When you get to the end, single crochet twice into the last chain.


Continue to work in the round. Single crochet into each stitch.
Do not chain stitch to go up a row, just keep working around.

sides fold in
sides begin to fold in

The ends will begin to fold into themselves. This is how the double sides are created.

Work until the two sides meet. If you are keeping track, this should be 14 rows.

slip stitch
slip stitch the sides together

Slip stitch the two sides together. End the crochet and weave in the ends.

sides meet

3 sizes
three different sizes

To make a coaster, you would do the same thing just start with more chain stitches in the beginning. I used 22 chain stitches.

To make the hot pad, 30.

• The length you chain to begin with (minus 2 chains) is the diagonal length of the square you will crochet.

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