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How to DIY a Stretch Bracelet with Rinea

I had never seen Rinea foil paper until I attended Creativation in January. I have to say it was one of the first times I saw a new product and was speechless. I had to get my hands on it and try it out. Thankfully I was given a sample and then sent a package for a blog hop with designers from DCC. My go-to creation is typically jewelry, so it is no surprise I made a bracelet using the foil paper to made beads. The really cool thing about Rinea foil paper is that it holds it's shape. I didn't need to use glue for the beads. 

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These are the colors of the Autumn pack. I used the flat foil sheets in red, brown, and orange.
Each sheet is gold on the back.


After rolling the beads (the video will show more about this) I lined them up and cut a long length of the stretch cord.

String one bead onto the cord, moving it to the middle of the cord.

The following beads will be strung in an eight shape.
Both ends go through opposite sides of the bead, pulling them all the way through. 

Finished bracelet being worn.

Don't forget to watch the video tutorial:

This post is a part of a larger blog hop sponsored by Rinea with the design members at DCC.
Do take a moment to visit the site and see all the wonderful creations using Rinea foil paper.

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