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Folded Magnetic Bookmark :: a Back to School Craft

These folded bookmarks can be made from a variety of different materials. A nice thing about these bookmarks, is that you can mark the exact line you stopped at by placing the bookmark under that line of type. You can also use multiple bookmarks in one book. Consider making a variety of them in different colors to indicate different sections, similar to notebook tabs. 

This craft is a part of the Craft Lightening back to school project. 

The examples shared today are made from ribbon (above on the right) and washi tape (above on the left). In the past, we have made them from fun foam, fabric and fibrous papers. They make great teacher gifts and Christmas gifts. They are so simple to make, your children can help and get a few done in a very short amount of time. 


  • scissors
  • ribbon or washi tape
  • magnet
  • double stick tape (or adhesive of choice)


Cut the ribbon into a desired length (6" or longer). Fold the ribbon in half. Then decide how much fold over you want on each end. ~ see the photo below The example has a small amount of fold over but you could make a fold over the entire length of the bookmark.

Put the folded ribbon aside under a weighted object. Cut your magnet to the necessary size that will fit under the folded length of ribbon, you will need two. The stronger the magnet, the better the hold. Take a moment to check which sides need to face each other in order for the magnet to hold together.

Using the double stick tape, place a piece on the ribbon, then the magnet, another piece of tape and then fold the ribbon over. Do the same on the other end. If your fold is longer, make the magnets longer as well.


The bookmark is finished and ready to use. 

Optional instructions:

  • If you would like a more finished edge, you can use a flame to melt the edge of the ribbon so it doesn't unravel.
  • You could sew the ribbon together rather than tape or glue. 
  • If you'd like to use a different material, try washi tape. The top image shows an additional bookmark made with washi tape. We folded it in half to make a "ribbon" and then followed the instruction listed above. Our washi tape is the same size as masking tape.
  • Fun foam, you can use a paper punch shape to remove a decoration and then punch the same shape from a contrasting color and replace the original image for a decorated bookmark. 

If you are making these bookmarks for gifts, you might be interested in printing out the PDF gift tag file. [gift tag] Print out on card stock and cut. One sheet makes enough tags for six gifts. 


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