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Flower Earrings Tutorial with Vinyl

This month, the Tape Technologies design team is working with transparent vinyl. The best thing about transparent vinyl is that when you overlap it, you create a new color. With this concept in mind, I knew I wanted to make something that utilized overlapping the colors. I love how the glitter enhances the colors. I chose to make earrings using the transparent vinyl. You'll be surprised by the process, it was very easy and rather quick to do, check it out below.


The Cuttlebug was provided by Cricut in order to create posts similar to this one. The links above are affiliate links.


vinyl colors
The colors of vinyl are magenta, silver, and dark grey from Tape Technologies.

soda can
The earring shape is made from a recycled soda can. Begin with small flat shapes of aluminum.
It is very easy to cut a soda can with regular scissors.

layering vinyl
Cut the vinyl into strips and overlap onto the plain side of the aluminum.

Place the layered aluminum and vinyl onto your Cuttlebug plate, place the design shape onto and then the last plate.
Run this sandwich of materials through the Cuttlebug several times making sure the cut goes completely through all layers.

cut shape
The results.
Repeat for the second earring.

jewelry findings
Choose the earring findings that match your design.
You'll notice the patterns on the flower shapes don't match. I usually don't match designs but just materials and colors.
I used a T pin to poke holes into the flower shapes, a small nail or push pin would also work.

Using silver wire in a lightweight to join all pieces together, then they are finished. 

Example of the earrings being worn. They are lightweight and I hardly know I am wearing them.
This is definitely a process I will be revisiting.

I am a member of the Tape Technologies Design Team. I receive vinyl materials in order to create a monthly post. 


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