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Fabric Coasters with Cricut

The Fabric Coasters are a part of a month craft challenge with Creatively Crafty Blog Group #CCBG. Each month this group of talented women challenges each other to make a craft on a given topic. September is national sewing month so we were challenged to craft using fabric. I made these easy Fabric Coasters using Cricut products but they can easily be made without them. I will explain the process for both below. 


I want to personally thank Cricut for providing materials for this post.
I am a design team member at Cricut.

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materials - fabric coasters
Cricut Fabric Sampler and Fabric Mat for the Maker



These coasters are very easy to make. They use five different fabric pieces. The Fabric Samplers from Cricut are perfect for this project, but you can use any cotton fabric. 

To being, cut each of the 5 pieces of fabric. You want 4 squares from each piece to be 4.5" square. This was really easy to do on the Cricut Maker because it cut them all exactly the same with just a push of a button. I have set up a free file in Design Space for this project. 

cutting fabric - fabric coastersCutting fabric with the Maker.
Cut the fabric with the design side down.
Use the Rotary Blade.

cut terrycloth - fabric coasters
I used scissors to cut an old terrycloth towel.
Use either terrycloth or batting.
I marked these to be 4" square but you may need to cut them smaller.

iron cut pieces flat - fabric coasters
Iron the fabric squares flat.
I used the EasyPress 2.

fold fabric in half - fabric coasters
Four of the fabric pieces need to be folded in half and ironed.
Again, I used the EasyPress 2.

all cut pieces - fabric coasters
All pieces folded and ironed.

layering step 1 - fabric coasters
Layering the pieces to prepare for sewing.
This is step 1.

layering step 2 - fabric coasters
step 2 - place over step 1

layering step 3 - fabric coasters
step 3 - place over step 2

layering step 4 -  - fabric coasters
step 4 - it is a bit tricky because you go over step 3 and under step 1.
 It is kind of like origami.

cover - fabric coasters
Place the flat piece of fabric over the folded "origami" like group.
Place it design side down.

repeat all 4 - fabric coasters
Do this for all four coasters.

pin the fabric - fabric coasters
Pin the entire fabric sandwich.

sewing - fabric coasters
Sew all four sides. 1/4" from the side.

sewn coaster - fabric coasters
Do not leave a space open.
You can trim off strings, but it isn't necessary.
They will all be hidden inside.

turn inside out - fabric coasters
Remove the pins.
From the "origami" side, open up the fabric and turn it inside out.

terrycloth - fabric coasters
Place the terrycloth piece inside.
I found it fit better if I cut more off from each piece of terrycloth.
Make sure it is laying flat inside the coaster.
Push the corners of the fabric to a point as much as possible.

finished coaster - fabric coasters
Finished coaster.

press coaster - fabric coasters
Iron the coasters flat - I again used the EasyPress 2.

set of coasters - fabric coasters
Completed set of four coasters ready to use or gift. 

This post is a part of a monthly challenge with Creatively Crafty Link Party. For the month of September, we were challenged to create with fabric.
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