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Eyelash Yarn Crochet Pouch

It's fun and a little bit crazy, this pouch made with eyelash yarn. The cotton yarn gives it stability while the eyelash yarn adds the crazy color and fun texture. This project was made for a National Craft Month round-up, more about that at the bottom of the post.


  • Cotton yarn
  • Eyelash yarn
  • zipper
  • fabric
  • crochet hook
  • scissors
  • sewing machine
  • thread and needle


The instructions are provided in a step by step photo tutorial. 

Using a 5.5 mm hook, double up the cotton yarn and the eyelash yarn and crochet as if it were one strand. Chain about 20 stitches (or your desired size). The entire piece is made up of treble stitches (tr). Continue to crochet until you reach an appropriate size.

Choose a piece of cotton fabric for the interior of the pouch. Cut it to a size just a bit larger than the crocheted work. 

Using the cotton yarn, sew the sides of the pouch closed. When finished, turn the pouch inside out so that the stitches are now on the inside.

Using the cotton fabric, fold it in half and stitch up each sided on a sewing machine.

Insert the cotton fabric into the crocheted pouch to check the size and fit. At this point, you will add the zipper. I am sorry, I forgot to document this step. Note the raw sewn edges face the crocheted outer piece.

If you look very close, you can see the zipper is sewn in place and the cotton fabric is inside the crocheted pouch, pinned in place. Join the two together by hand stitching around the top edge with a coordinating thread. Now the pouch is finished and ready to use.

National Craft Month Series with

This project was created for the theme FIBER/FABRIC CRAFTS - Anything made with some kind of fabric, yarn string, any kind of fiber material for the National Craft Month Series with Jen Goode from Be sure to visit her page to see what other crafters have made for the month of March.


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