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Easy Garden Crafts to Try This Summer

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Now that summer is just around the corner, it’s time to get out into the garden and soak up those rays. Long, warm evenings mean that it’s the ideal time to eat outside, and maybe even have a bit of a party! But what if your garden is looking a little lackluster after the winter, and needs a bit of a facelift? Well, don’t worry if you’re not a seasoned gardener, as there are plenty of cute crafts you can make that will leave your garden looking stunning. It’s time to give your garden the crafty makeover it deserves, and you don’t even need to plant any flowers!

Tidy It Up

Before you start crafting, take a look at your garden and see what needs tidying up. Maybe it’s a little overgrown and could do with a trim from some pruning shears, or perhaps your lawn needs a really good mow. Whatever the state of your garden is, make sure you make it look presentable before you start crafting. It’s okay for it to be a little bit wild, but not so much so that there’s nowhere to sit. You should also consider making your garden a comfortable place for people to relax, perhaps with some lawn furniture and a barbecue. If you live somewhere that’s prone to lots of bugs or even mosquitos, you might want to consider getting a bug zapper so that you don’t get eaten alive while having dinner outside!  

Bunting Basics

One of the most classic and kitsch outdoor decorations is bunting, giving a cute, country vibe that instantly transforms your garden. It really is easy to make your own bunting, and all you really need is some fabric, some ribbon, a piece of paper, fabric scissors and a needle and thread. You can use whatever pattern or type of fabric you like, and mixing and matching different patterns gives an amazing effect.


Simply make a triangle template using the paper, and then draw around it onto the fabric, as many times as you need to to make enough triangles. Then cut out the triangles and sew them onto the ribbon, leaving a small space in between each one. You can do double sided bunting by sewing two triangles together before attaching them to the ribbon, or if you want to make it ultra polished you can hem them with more ribbon. Then tie onto a tree, fence or pole, and your garden has an instant makeover!

Painted Pots

Even if you don’t have any potted plants or gardening isn’t your thing, you can still make flower pots into a beautiful feature of your garden. A great way to get children involved in garden crafts, painted flower pots always look beautiful and liven up any lawn. You can use any size or shape of pot you like, and take any approach that you want to. All you need is a flower pot and some enamel paint, or acrylic paint and a waterproof varnish. If you’re going to be joined by some little helpers, make sure you get child-friendly paint and do the varnishing yourself.

Start off by washing the flower pots, to make sure that the paint goes on smoothly. Then put down some newspaper or a plastic bag and start painting! If you’re painting with the kids, it’s probably best to let them get on with their own creative ideas, but if you’re going it alone there are plenty of places you can look for inspiration. When you’ve finished, leave your pots to dry and then cover with a varnish if you used acrylic paint. Put them in your garden and be amazed at the difference it makes!

Simple Bird Feeders

If you want to bring some wildlife into your garden, try crafting a homemade bird feeder, using eco friendly materials only. This incredibly easy craft is ideal for children to make, as they’ll love assembling them and then waiting for the birds to come. All you need is a pine cone, some peanut butter, some bird feed seeds and some string. Yes, that really is it! Simply take a pine cone and slather it in peanut butter, then roll in the seeds until it is evenly coated. After that, tie a piece of string to it firmly and hang from a tree or pole in your garden. Just make sure you tie it tight, with thick string, so the squirrels don’t steal it!

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