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Easy Crochet Mitten Pattern

These mittens and an ear warmer were made from one skein of yarn. I used Red Heart Colorscape yarn. I love the color variation on the mittens and they are so soft and comfortable. These mittens really were very easy and quick to make. They are sized large. I am now ready for the cold weather with these easy crochet mittens. Check out the free PDF pattern below. 

close-up of mitten

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My favorite crochet kit:


stitch abbreviations:

  • ss - slip stitch
  • ch - chain
  • sc - single crochet
  • dc - double crochet

top of mitten:

magic circle

9 dc into ring

ss to first dc

pull magic circle tight and weave in end of the yarn

2 ch dc into the same stitch as joining

2 dc into each stitch

ss into ch

* 2 ch

dc into each stitch

ss into ch

continue from * until you reach the point where your thumb joins your hand

for large size it was 11 rows.


opening for thumb:

2 ch

dc into the next 6 stitches

ch 6, skip the next 2 seiches

dc around row and ss to beginning


from thumb to wrist:

2 ch

dc into each stitch

ss into ch

repeat for 4 rows or until the desired length

do not cut hear, continue to cuff


the cuff:

ch 6

sc 5

ss 2 into the bottom of the mitten

sc 5 into the sc on the cuff

continue around the bottom of the mitten

ss to join to the beginning of the cuff



11 dc around the opening

**ss to first dc

2 ch, 10 dc

continue from ** until you have 5 rows, or the work covers your thumb


cut the yarn leaving a medium length for the tail

sew this in and out of the stitches around the thumb

pull tight to cinch closed

knot and weave ends in

mittens and ear warmer

If you prefer, you can download the free PDF of this pattern here: [easy mittens]



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