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DIY Wedding Centerpiece

Wedding decor can be so expensive, many brides are turning to DIY for their special day. Try it - Like it has created a simply elegant vase to be used as a centerpiece for that special day. 

We began by frosting the interior of the glass vase. The recipe is 1 part white glue to 1 part water. We used about 1/4 cup of each to which we added one drop of food coloring. The initial results weren't as expected so we applied a few more coats. It was easier to pour the mixture into the vase, let it roll around and pour back out. This covered the entire interior surface without the worry of brush strokes. 

We taped off and covered the vase area we didn't want to cover in gold.

Next we added the bottom gold rim. Rust-oleum spray paint made this so simple with one easy quick coat. 

Let the paint dry and remove the tape and wrapped paper.

We wrapped battery operated lights inside tissue paper and created a variety of design choices:

Lessons learned: Using the Rust-oleum spray paint was so easy. We weren't happy with the result or the time it took for the frosted glass technique. We would have chosen something different, maybe even Frosted Glass Rust-oleum. However, we did like being able to incorporate slight color into the frosted glass. The example with the brush strokes showing could also be something to pursue further. The texture of the strokes added another dimension.

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