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DIY Picture Frame with Tape Technologies

I love pictures but hate spending money of picture frames. I usually wait for a sale. But I can also make, well decorate my own. My eldest daughter took a great photo of her younger sister on vacation in California and I knew it needed its own unique picture frame. I already had the picture frame waiting for inspiration. Our first call from being on the Design Team at Tape Technologies asked us to use their Ultra Metallics vinyl. It all came together in my mind, so here is the tutorial. 



cutting vinyl
For the first step, I cut the vinyl on my
Cricut Explore Air 2. The Ultra Metallic cut easily on a regular vinyl setting.

sanding block
After opening up the frame, I used a sanding block to go over the wood to make sure it was smooth.
It was actually better than I thought so it was more of a precaution.

I placed the frame in a shoe box so that I could spray paint it.

 I loved using the shoe box because it had a hinged top and

I could close it to dry the paint without getting any lint or bugs in the paint. 

After the first coat of paint, I sanded the frame again, cleaned off the dust and spray painted it again.

add vinyl
I peeled the vinyl from its backing and applied it similar to a sticker. I didn't use a transfer sheet.


Thanks to Tape Technologies for providing the vinyl I used for this project. I am a member of their design team.

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