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DIY Fairy Lantern

​Make a Fairy Jar or Fairy Lantern of your own with this free SVG file.

fairy lantern in a plastic bottle

A DIY Fairy Lantern reminds me of childhood and stories of fantasy. It is really easy to make this fairy lantern. You don't need a lot of materials and can personalize it as you desire. I made my fairy lantern in a plastic bottle so it is very kid-friendly and will not break. And, you can recycle a plastic bottle or jar to make your own fairy jar.


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Download the free fairy SVG file.

Start with a clean bottle or jar


fairy in jar
Using super glue, adhere the fairy to the inside of the jar. Don't worry about the glue showing.


align jar and tissue
Cut the tissue paper to fit around the jar.


mod podge
Cover the outside with mod podge 


cover exterior with mod podge
Line up the tissue paper and wrap it around the jar. Align the top edge, don't worry about the bottom, it get's tucked under. Wrinkles add to the personality, just be careful not to tear the tissue paper. Then cover it again with mod podge. Allow it to dry.


decorate the lantern
Decorate the rim as you desire. I used ribbon and paper cut out flowers.


with light
Insert the flickering light and you are done!


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