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DIY Dollar Store Jewelry

I have fond memories of crafting with my Great Aunt. I remember a craft where we wrapped contact paper around paperclips and made chains. Well this is an updated version of that craft. The new improved versions uses washi tape or duct tape. 


  • paper clips
  • tape (Scotch Brand Washi tape pictured)
  • scissors

The Scotch Brand Washi tape was the exact width needed for the paper clips so no cutting needed for the width adjustment. 


Cut off a 2-3" length of tape, wrap it around the paperclip making sure to center it so some of the paperclip extends beyond each end. Once the tape has overlapped, you can cut the remainder away and use it for the next paperclip. Hook the next paperclip to the wrapped paperclip and wrap it with the remaining tape. Continue on for desired length. You can make bracelets as shown or necklaces. Just make sure the length is long enough to slide on and off your wrist or over you head. When you get to the desired length and the last paperclip, connect it to the previous wrapped paperclip as well as the first paperclip and then wrap it in tape. 

Options to consider:

  • use colored paperclips
  • use different patterns of tape
  • try duct tape (you will need to cut the width and length)
  • try contact paper
  • try self adhesive wall paper

Wearing a variety of different patterns together makes a fun statement. These are made with Scotch brand washi tape (pink) and the other two are Scotch brand Duct tape. 

I received a sample of the Scotch brand washi tape while attending the SNAP conference.

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