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Crochet Ear Warmer

A great quick project to get ready for cooler weather. Make it now for gift giving in the fall. Choose colors to complement and outfit or your winter coat. This pattern makes for a great headband as well. 



  • One small skein of yarn
  • 7.0 mm crochet hook
  • scissor
  • safety pins



This pattern is going to wrap around your head two times. Take the yarn and use it to measure the length needed for two times around. Go ahead and stretch the yarn since you want the ear warmer to be snug. This is the length you will work with. 

long chain
long strand of crochet

Chain enough stitches for the length you determined. I chained about 170 chains, mine did end up being a bit large. I didn’t stretch the yarn when I measured. 

Chain one and single crochet into every chain. Continue this for 4 rows. Your length of crochet will twist, don’t worry if this happens. Finish off last stitch and trim yarn.

pinned together
design pinned together

Decide how you want the twist to be on your ear warmers. They can overlap, twist, or hook into each other. I found the easiest way to do this and determine the design was to use safety pins to hold the piece together. 


Once you are happy with the design and placement, stitch the two strips together. Hide the ends of the yarn in your work. Trim off the excess yarn. Your ear warmer is now ready to wear. 

Suggestion: for a headband, you may want to crochet fewer than 4 rows. 

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