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A Vintage Angel - Designer Blog Hop with DCC

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This month the DCC - AFCI Designers were asked to create using products from a Vintage Girl. We each received a few different pieces from their collection. When I saw the dress form and wings I knew I wanted to make something in 3D. It needed to be on some kind of a stand, I had this box available and it was a perfect size. It started to take on a theme, a vintage angel box I wanted the dress form to remain in its natural form - the burnt edges from the laser cutting. All the other parts were pressed cardboard. It took on an aged vintage look. The wings could easily hold jewelry. The box reminds me of saved things like marbles, buttons, lace, money and so on. At one point I thought about it as a music box. But when I saw the wings could hold jewelry, the inside can also do the same. So, here is my vintage angel (jewelry) box.


  • paints - brown glitter, bronze glitter, black, crystal, bright brass
  • wooden box
  • foam paint brush
  • dried baby wipe
  • glue
  • vintage girl pieces and fabric
  • Dremel type tool


The above image shows most of the piece I am using for this piece.
I glued the pipes and the hot and cold handles to the four sides and the top of the box.

A quick coat of Metallic Brown Paint.

Inside and out, thin enough for the wood grain to show through.

I wanted to keep the raw wood and burnt edges of the dress form so I sprayed it with Matte Ultra Mod Podge.

The tone of the wings was correct but raw cardboard, they needed a coat of Bright Brass Paint.

To add a bit of glitz, the wings were then coated front and back with Crystal Glitter Paint.

With a dry baby wipe, I rubbed Copper paint onto the box.

I cut cardstock a bit smaller than the inside of the box, and cut fabric larger than that to cover the cardstock.
I used glue to adhere the fabric to the cardstock.

Adding glue to the inside of the box, I added the fabric pieces.

These were added to the top and the bottom of the inside of the box.

On the outside of the box, using a dry baby wipe and Black Paint, I rubbed it on to give it an aged look.

With a Dremel type tool, I carved out small areas for the dress form to fit into and glued them into place.

Then I glued the wings into place.




Inside the box

While my style isn't classified as vintage or steampunk, I hope the results of this project are in that vein. I am really happy with the results. The box looks old and worn when the light hits it, you can see the sparkle. The glitz suggests how it might have been in its prime. The newsprint fabric inside definitely nods to how people would store items in trunks and if you were to open an old trunk in an attic, I bet you'd find a newspaper as wrapping. I thought about adding s few small items inside like a marble, a coin, a button to hint at the idea of cherished things that might have been saved. I like how the wings which are usually light and airy are made from gears which are usually metal and heavy. The inside of the box is not treated with the bronze or black because in reality if this were an aged box, the inside would have been protected from wear being closed. So when you open the box, the edge is shiny and is in contrast with the outside. 

As mentioned above, this project is a part of a designer blog hop on the DCC site, please visit all the other projects made with a Vintage Girl's products. Be sure to visit the DCC post, there is a giveaway!

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