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A Quick School Thank You Gift

Do you or your child ever have the need to say thank-you to someone at school? Maybe a librarian who helped her find a book? Or office staff who delivered a special message to your son? How about a friend who helped with homework? This quick and easy gift can be made together with your child. 

These pencils started life out as basic #2 yellow pencils. Two are wrapped with scrapbooking paper and the other is painted. 


  • scrapbooking paper
  • scissors
  • mod podge
  • mineral-based eye shadow
  • paint brush
  • pencils


For the painted pencil, we mixed mod podge and the eyeshadow together and then painted the pencil. My daughter had a fun time mixing the "paint" and making new colors. The eyeshadow made great metallic colors. It was a fun evening craft but most importantly we spent the time together and had a great time talking while creating. 

The scrapbooking paper pencils use paper cut down to size. We then painted mod podge on the back of the paper and wrapped it around the pencil, then sealing the outside of the paper with more mod podge. 

One of the nice results of this project is the fact that my daughter made her own gifts to give that she is proud of and she is thinking of different people she can gift them too and the reasons to thank them. 

All materials were found around the house or bought at the dollar store. 


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