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3Doodler Powerpuff Yourself Party

party package

We were invited to host a 3Doodler Powerpuff Yourself Party through Tryazon. Having used 3Doodler pens before, we were excited.  We had never tried using any molds with a 3D pen so this was a new experience for us.

set   pen

What was included in our kit:

Powerpuff Girls Activity Kit
Includes: Powerpuff Yourself Activity Guide, 2 Mixed Plastic Packs, 1 Powerpuff Yourself DoodleMold, 4 DoodleBlocks

Powerpuff Girls Pen Set
Includes: Special Edition 3Doodler Start x The Powerpuff Girls Pen + USB, Powerpuff Yourself Activity Guide, 4 Mixed Plastic Packs, 1 Powerpuff Yourself Doodle Mold, 4 DoodleBlocks

As we set up to try out the kit, my daughter grabbed her phone and played the Powerpuff theme song - definitely excited to get started!

The girls are looking through the directions deciding on what to make.

The start of the process. The 3Doodler pen is great in that it doesn't heat up too much to burn your skin.

in process
Patients! It took a bit of time to create and my daughters did get frustrated during the process.

girl with pattern
I stepped in to get one made.

Cute finished Powderpuff girl. 

My take on the product:
I love the 3Doodler pen, the molds not as much. It became frustrating quickly. After walking away, my daughters did return to the project later. If your child isn't patient, this probably isn't the product for them. I know some children who have spent hours creating with a 3Doodler pen, but not with the molds - as of yet. 

The pen charges via USB making it cordless which is great, but you have to charge it. Meaning you can't use it while it charges. Still, I really like that it is cordless and very easy to use. 

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Special thanks to #tryazon and #3Doodler for providing product in order to review and write this post. All opinions are my own.

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